Turn the key and open the door to a new chapter

Open spaces for them… True headspace for you…
Ballintine Park offers a real alternative for families ready to leave Dublin.
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Warning… this is not another starter home – in fact, this could be ‘the one’.

Country living is ready and waiting for you. Ballintine Park offers you enough space to fully unwind and the chance to let your kids enjoy that elusive outdoorsy upbringing – the kind we remember having ourselves.

No doer-uppers…no planning permission headaches. Just spanking new, luxury turnkey properties waiting for you to…just turn the key and open up the next chapter in your life.

Ballintine Park Site Model 4 View 12

Your Options

City life can be great but suburban life is not really the next best thing. Even the affordable homes in the ‘burbs are just so expensive, and the second-hand variety will cost a fortune to heat and run too.

A clean break to County Kildare can offer you so much. At Ballintine Park, you’ll fall in love with our stunning, huge (214sq.m) 4-bed, A2 rated, luxury homes with views of the surrounding countryside – priced from €480,000.

For the same or a bit more, you and yours could probably squash into a boom-built suburban squishy 3-bed semi ‘mews’, complete with low energy rating….and with an overcrowded bus corridor and brutal traffic between you and the city.

Nope – there has just got to be a better way!

So what are we talking about...what does Ballintine Park offer?

For the family

  • Space at Home
    When the kids are very young, you’ll have a brand new, really spacious home and garden for them to explore – with more than enough space for a playroom. And lots of quiet, calming spaces for the grownups too.
  • Walks to School
    With a national school on your doorstep, you can get the kids up and out in no time at all – and walk them to school…until they are too embarrassed to be seen with you of course!
  • Green Spaces
    And for when they get home as well as during the school holidays, they can enjoy real freedom with beautiful open green spaces allowing them grow up outside, enjoying the country air in a quiet neighbourhood…and out from under your feet too!
  • Your Garden
    As well as the spacious interior, you’ll see on the photo below there’s a whole lot of space around the house itself. And as it’s detached, the garden size is practically double or triple what you get in the suburbs.
  • Local Community
    Great secondary schools are only a 15 minute bus ride away with countless local sports clubs and activities on hand to help both the kids and you get to know your community.

And for you...

So many people in your position have already made the escape, and it’s easy to see why.

Maybe you’ve been thinking of career shift? And whether going freelance or starting a business you wouldn’t be the first to combine a work-pivot with a house move.

The Kildare Business Network is one of the biggest and best in the country and the Local Enterprise Board (LEO) offers a huge amount of practical support for start-ups, freelancers and entrepreneurs. You’d be amazed by the amount of hardworking small businesses thriving in County Kildare – they have done it, so why not you too?.

Or maybe you’d like a break from work altogether? And take some time out to raise your little ones in the early years before school and really get to know the local community…. It could give you the headspace to take on a new area of study… or learn that musical instrument you’ve always had on your bucket list.

Maybe now’s the time. Clean country air combined with being safe in the knowledge the kids have everything they’ll need and want, could give you the headspace to finally take the plunge you’ve often dreamed about.

And don’t forget…if the urge to reconnect with the city gets too strong, you are only a short drive to Naas train station from where you can get to the heart of Dublin in 40 minutes or so. It’s also about 30 miles by car and there are many bus routes serving the Naas-city route.

When the time comes to move out to the country, it’s natural to be worried that it might be the end of everything you enjoy. But the reality is that it’s always the start of so much more.

Get in touch and find out why Ballintine Park can be the first page in your next chapter.

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